FER Impianti s.r.l.

Costruzione e Assistenza impianti elettrici e di segnalamento opere civili.

  • Electric traction for railway transport
  • Electric traction for urban transport
  • Power supply for primary transport
  • Catenary
  • Rail traffic safety
  • Energy distribution
  • MT and BT Systems
  • Industrial Plants
  • Construction technology
  • Overall maintenance and global servicing

FerImpianti Srl

FER Impianti operates throughout the country making it one of the most qualified partners in providing services with consolidated know-how and has obtained a dynamic and competitive reputation.

Our Contact

Via P. Togliatti, 31 - 00065 Fiano Romano - Palazzina “B” - 1° Floor, Int. 3

Ph: 0765.480185 - Fax: 0765 1891134